Wish you were here

Note on: chance happenings and music interpretation. (New “note” format briefly discussed here).

A project which seems very worth starting: an account of how music analysis not only “doesn’t occur in a vacuum” in terms of social and political context and fact, but also is insanely coloured by mood and condition of listening.

Because this is the truth, there is still a “procedural bifurcation” as Kramer suggests, between impersonal literary-critic-style analysis, and sociological studies of habits. And there must be room for an (auto)ethnographic, analytical niche in the middle, which embraces emotional reactions to specific songs *and their meanings*.

Today it was the intuition, hearing the guitar solo at the start, that “Wish You Were Here” is so sloppy and erotic, like a tall man languishing, so much potency and idleness. A semiotic likeness to “Time”, when you look at your present from a weird, outside perspective? Certainly that is the lead role in the cage. The feeling of “lovesick” because of missing whoever it is, who can bring purpose to someone’s life. Some degree of obsession too maybe, intense focus on whoever it is. And so you “fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way”, even if you are supposed to be doing something else that is in fact quite urgent.


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